First Encounters By Megan Crow

Meeting people for the first time is often uncomfortable, don’t you think? 

I don’t know your reasons, but I loathe the repetitive and superficial questions that tend to mark first encounters.  “What do you do?” is an inevitable question, and one that I have been struggling to answer over the past months. 

Does “what I do” really capture who I am?  I try to have a ready answer, but on many occasions I’ve blurted out some awkward comment that just about killed the conversation.

Both in life, and in small talk, I am learning to embrace the blank slate that God has offered me during this year of discovery. 

  • There are many facets to my personality:  am I exploring them all? 
  • I have gifts and abilities:  do I put them to use in any arena God calls me to? 
  • I have weaknesses:  can I accept them and continue moving forward?
  • Leadership and theology classes inspire me with new knowledge:  how do I apply this to my present and future service? 
  • I have been blessed with resources:  am I cultivating an attitude of generosity? 
  • I have been prayed over and cared for:  am I comforting others? 
  • I have been loved:  am I taking risks to love deeply, unconditionally?

 The kingdom of God is within us and among us. May each of your hearts be filled to abundance on your own unique journeys.

Megan Joy