How Do We PRAY in These Times?


Lord, you are good and gentle in all your ways; and your mercy is so great that not only the blessings but also the misfortunes of your people are channels of your compassion. Grant that we may turn to you as a Father in our present condition since the change in our own state from health to sickness brings no change to you. You are always the same, and you are our loving Father in times of trouble and in times of joy alike.
Blaise Pascal

O Lord God, our heavenly Father, regard, we pray, with your divine pity the pains of all your children; and grant that the Passion of our Lord and his infinite love may make fruitful for good the tribulations of the innocent, the sufferings of the sick, and the sorrows of the bereaved, through him who suffered in our flesh and died for our sake, the same your Son Jesus Christ our Lord.
Written during World War I

Perhaps these two prayers from 2000 Years of Prayers, compiled by Michael Counsell will be helpful.  My cousin shared these with me, I have also found many others on Facebook.  Beautiful, meaningful words when words are hard to find.

As I was thinking about these, I had the privilege of being in la Carpio this morning on your behalf.  It too is a ghost town.  But here the needs are magnified when there is no work.  I was delivering a lot of clothes for the residents and a mattress for their new missionary.  But I also had a pocket full of money.  Susan was quick to tell me what I feared... the needy and refugees are getting very hungry.   She was thankful for the money that could buy a lot of food in these desperate times.

As CHRISTIANS we represent and serve Christ constantly - by acts of love and charity.  To this end, our Easter Sunrise Worship Service will dedicate the entire offering to sharing the love of Christ with our missionary partners.  One of our members was reflecting:  "will Easter be more meaningful if we are not allowed to worship for the month prior to it?"  I suspect so!  I for one cannot wait.

As people living in COMMUNITY, our fellowship helps others out in these tough times.  I have enjoyed reading about how our ancestors in Christ responded to diseases and disasters in the last 2000 years. These are impressive stories of Christ's body in action.

As CELEBRANTS of God's grace and love, we worship and give thanks in all circumstances.  Life is worship!  Although we tend to focus on the "hour" on Sunday when we gather together, there is so much more opportunity for us to
worship our loving and powerful God.   Now is the time!