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2018 ADVENT PROJECT @ Escazu Christian Fellowship

 Some of the fondest memories as a child are of family Christmas traditions, including the advent calendar.  Advent is a bit of a dusty word that has regained popularity in recent years. The tradition has been a part of the Christian church since as early as 480 AD and is focused on the expectant waiting and preparation for the birth of Christ.

 “During Advent each year, the Christian year teaches us to once again become Israel, recognizing our sin and need, that waiting, longing, hoping, calling, praying for the coming of the Messiah, the advent of justice, and the in-breaking of shalom. We go through the ritual of desiring the kingdom – a kind of holy impatience – by re-enacting Israel’s longing for the coming of the King. We are called to be a people of expectancy – looking for the coming (again) of the Messiah.” – James K.A. Smith

In its most traditional form, families share daily Bible readings and light a candle each Sunday. Of course, traditions surrounding this vary widely from family to family.  When I was little, we had a kids advent calendar every single year. It was a tall piece of felt with 24 little pockets, one for each day in December leading up to Christmas, ultimately building a nativity scene. We always had a little piece of candy and fun notes in the day’s pocket… intentionally making Christ the center of this season while not getting tangled up in the materialism of it all.

 This year, I present to you a short Advent reading to be done with your family or individually.  Rather than GETTING a piece of candy, I am requesting that you GIVE something instead.  In light of the need in Carpio with the Nicaraguan Refugees celebrating Christmas in a new land, it is good for us to help with a “basket (box, bag) of goodies” to help them celebrate Christmas and start the New Year off well.  God help them!

 So read the scripture and put something in your basket and say a short prayer

 We will also have an Advent Wreath and Candle Lighting during our Sunday worship hour with Advent Angel Banners to set a celebrative mood.

 I pray this is a meaningful spiritual exercise for you!  Pastor Don

Gift suggestions:  Flour/Cornmeal, Small toy, Light bulb, Pillow, Candle, Matches, Tooth brush, Toothpaste, Soap, Can of tuna, Bag of rice, Bag of beans, Salt, Consommé, Soup mix, Powdered milk, Coffee, Sugar, Socks, Toilet paper, Shampoo, Pasta, Cooking oil, Tomato sauce, Wash cloth, Candy.


Missions project: Handing out bags of rice and beans to one of the impoverished communities of San Jose!



226,000 books packed and shipped to Nicaragua in April.  We were glad to help the Davidson's with Project Jesus for the Children.

House warming gifts for a couple whose life has changed dramatically.