Missions at ECF

We may be “strangers in a strange land,” but we also want to be good neighbors in the name of Jesus Christ, whose ministry did not stop at the borders of his own land, but also took place as he went about his travels.

Most of ECF’s members and participants come from somewhere else besides Costa Rica, yet all of us now call it home, at least for a little while. While we are here, we want to share our gifts with the country that has received us.

By sharing our financial gifts, organizational resources, and personal time and talents, ECFers make a dramatic difference in the lives of hundreds of people a year.

If you have any questions about ECF’s programs, or how to get involved, please contact the Mission Committee chair, David Charnock, at 2282-5042.

We look forward to having you work with us soon!

 Updates from ECF's Ministry Partners

Educación Plus
Keith Holder, from Educación Plus, reports on the great camps for boys and girls held in January, 2018
Christ for the City,
La Carpio

Susan Grosser, from CFCI’s La Carpio ministry shares an update about their recent camps.