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 Special Events: 

GIVING CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCEMENT: EDUCATION PLUS ,our local partners in serving the community with the heart, voice and hands of Jesus Christ, have begun offering healthy cooking classes to the residents of Alajuelita and Pavas. We are collecting funds to buy a new gas stove and other kitchen supplies.This will not only help the families directly enrolled in the classes, but also the preparation of food/snacks for the various clubs and Bible Studies during the week.  PLEASE JOIN IN THIS INVESTMENT INTO THE LIVES OF OUR NEIGHBORS!

 How can we, as a fellowship of Christian brothers and sisters, encourage and pray for one another? Every Sunday, during our service we pray for each other's needs and share praises of God's blessings in our lives.  But Pastor Don can also add you to our What's Ap group chat where requests can be posted. Contact our pastor if you'd like to be included  in the chat (8395-9653).


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